Buy Cheap FIFA Coins by Player Auction

Even though many of players buy FIFA15 Coins with GAME ACCOUNT, you also can choose the player auction to make delivery for some special amount of fifa coins. You need to learn and notice a few important tips before you buy with player auction.

As you know since EA updated many new features on March, one of important update is define the player’s PRICE RANGE. All of player cards on FIFA15 have been defined a certain price range, and closed the transfer market on web app. So we have to list the player card on consoles transfer market.
Anyways, here we go to learn how to list the player card on the transfer market correctly?
List the Player information you should offer: 1. Player Name / 2.Buy Now Price / 3.Start Price / 4.Date Issued / 5.Time remaining / 6.Player position / Buy now price: (MAX price range equivalent to the amount you have selected) / AH: 3 DAYS

If you didn’t receive the FIFA coins for a few hours, you might list a wrong player on the transfer market. Then you can email us or go to our Live Chat to asking help. You can send us TWO screen shots of your player information. (1) One for buy now price, start price and time remaining of the player. (2) Another one for the player details, which including your player bio. , which can see his date issued. Please notice that we can ONLY buy ONE player card which equivalent to the amount you have selected!

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