House Democrats: Ask FIFA to Equalize Pay between Man and Women’s Soccer

House Democratic sent a letter to FIFA President to calling on FIFA treat men and women's soccer equally. They asked FIFA to eliminate the disparities between men and women’s soccer in pay, publicity and investments. And provide equal facilities for male and female players. They mentioned that to “develop football everywhere and for all!”

The letter said, “for the Women’s World Cup, the totally payment is 40 times less, at $15 million, than the 2014 Men’ World Cup award of $576 million.”  So we can see the fact is that unequal pay is indefensible. EA also add the Women's National Teams on FIFA16.

FIFA also given his respond for this case, which “Women’s sports aren’t a sideshow and FIFA should do its utmost to ensure it doesn’t treat them like one.”

Have to say that the 2015 Women’s World cup was the most-watched soccer game in American history, with 26.7 million viewers. So it is a very important reason and evidence to asking FIFA to improve women’s soccer with payment and facilities, like female player can enjoy more beautiful T-shirts and shorts.

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